500 Viaggi

Stefano Bosis

Born in Milano, with a very strong drive for performing and visual arts, he leaves Italy for England at 19.
He makes his debut as a stage actor in Cambridge, then moves to New Castle, proceeds to Barcelona, Spain; takes up with painting on the road.
In 2002 he’s back in Italy to be a fireman, he enrolls in University but attends the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera instead, without ever enrolling; ends up obtaining a degree in Digital Communication at the Università degli studi di Milano.
He works as a fireman, works as a professional actor on stage, TV and film, and as a 3D artist and content manager; but painting remains at the moment his major interest, to which he restlessly devotes himself.
He makes his debut as a professional painter in 2008 at the Contemporary Art Fair in Reggio Emilia the following year he holds his first solo show at Vicolungo; he’s a constant presence at group shows and contemporary art events.




CRUDACARNE a cura di Mirko Paterno e Gabriele Mazzarina, Vicolungo (NO) 2010



Arte in fiera, Reggio Emilia, 2009.




Dazed and Refused Hurwundeki , UK London 2011

Open Box 2010 ,Venegono Inferiore (Varese), Istituto Grafico Don Milani 2010

Impercettibili Forme Celesti, a cura di Next Arte,Galleria O.A.D. Roma, 2010

Inverart, a cura di raccolto, Inveruno catalogo , 2010

Inverart, a cura di raccolto, Inveruno catalogo , 2009

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